Mahathir Mohamad reminds world to continue supporting Palestinian cause

July 18, 2021 - 17:3

Former prime minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has reminded the world to continue supporting the Palestinians and to denounce the Israeli regime for the crimes it committed in Palestine.

He said the Palestinians had been suffering for 73 long years and human beings are duty-bound to stand up and express their disgust for crimes against humanity which were committed by the Israelis with such impunity.

“With more and more people coming forward denouncing the belligerent regime, and as international public opinion swings sufficiently against the illegal occupation of Palestine, we may still hope to see the end of Israel’s apartheid, hopefully in our lifetime.

“In more ways than not, Palestine exposes the ugly truths about Western democracies and the advocates of free world, their hypocrisy, double standards and self-serving diplomacy. We cannot just sit back and let it persist. We have to actively support the movement for Justice for Palestine. It is the Palestinians’ basic right to return to their land,” he said at the official launching ceremony of Justice For Palestine Action Front (JPAF) via Facebook live today. 

The JPAF is an initiative by a few individuals, mostly university professors and academics, who wish a better future for the Palestinians, especially their youths and children.