Tabriz refinery taking steps to place among Asia’s top 10 refineries

August 8, 2021 - 14:34

TEHRAN – Managing Director of Tabriz Refinery in northwestern Iran has said his company is taking new steps for placing among Asia’s top ten refineries in the coming years, IRNA reported.

“In line with the second stage of the company’s strategic planning which began in the second half of the previous [Iranian calendar] year (September 22, 2020) new steps are being taken for Tabriz Refinery to place among Asia’s top ten refineries,” Gholamreza Baqeri said in a press conference on Sunday.

According to Baqeri, the first stage of the refinery’s strategic planning was made in the Iranian calendar year 1394 (ended in March 2016), and with the completion and realization of the first stage, the second part of the planning was prepared and started in the second half of the previous year.

The company’s planning is mainly focused on supplying feedstock, the production and supply of high-quality products needed by customers, sustainable development and improvement of the business system through supply chain management, branding, and product quality improvement using domestic capabilities, the official said.

Baqeri mentioned the refinery's daily processing capacity of 110,000 barrels and noted that the refinery accounts for seven percent of the country’s total refining capacity.

He mentioned liquefied gas, Euro 5 gasoline, ordinary gas oil, Euro 5 gas oil, furnace oil, and aircraft fuel as the main products of the refinery, adding that currently, special petroleum products such as light naphtha, vacuum bottom, granular sulfur, ethane, butane, hexane, lube cut, base oil, isofeed, isoricyclic, petroleum solvent 406-404-402, benzene, bitumen, anti-corrosion, antifreeze, and reformate are also among the refinery’s products basket.

Underlining his company’s future plans considering the country’s growing demand for petroleum products, he said: “This company, in line with the country's comprehensive program for developing refineries, is implementing several development projects with a total investment of 1.258 billion euros.”