Oil minister candidate releases future plans

August 13, 2021 - 14:35

TEHRAN - Javad Owji, who is President Raisi’s suggested candidate for the Oil Ministry, has released a comprehensive program for the development of the country’s oil and gas industry during his tenure, Shana reported.

The published plan is comprised of five separate sections including an introduction, some documents related to the oil industry’s upstream sector, major challenges facing the oil industry, urgent measures to be taken in the oil industry, and finally strategic steps based on the industry priorities.

“Factors affecting the oil industry that are closely related to each other can be classified as executive and organizational, economic, legal, political, technical and environmental, all of which should be addressed properly,” Owji has said in his plan’s introduction section.

"By reforming the structure and insights, the oil industry can play an important role in improving the business environment for real economic entrepreneurs and attracting investors,” the candidate has said.

One of the main pillars of achieving the goals of the Oil Ministry is to focus on implementing the policies of the resilient economy, paying special attention to the fight against corruption, reforming procedures and structures in line with the general policies of Article 44 and with emphasis on downsizing and reducing government ownership, the introduction read.

The official had previously underlined the establishment of strong diplomacy and bolstering international relations as a major priority for the Oil Ministry if he takes office.

Paying special attention to diplomacy with a focus on trading oil, gas, petrochemical products, and export of technical and engineering services, interacting with neighboring countries to reduce tariffs and find suitable solutions are the major axis of his international agenda.

Moreover, Owji has said he will be deeply focused on expanding bilateral or multilateral agreements with target countries by tapping the capacities of international and regional organizations, including the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, etc.

The official is also cognizant of modifying the consumption pattern of gas and oil products using Articles 12 and 13 of the Law on Removing Barriers to Production.

Development and implementation of energy diplomacy document in cooperation with relevant institutions, maintaining and increasing Iran's status in OPEC, and expanding cooperation with neighboring countries, the Persian Gulf nations, and the Caspian Sea countries in the field of exploration, production, and joint venture capital are other areas that Owji’s team will be specially focused upon during his tenure as the Iranian Oil Minister under Ebrahim Raeisi’s administration.

Encouraging foreign investment for exports in the mid and downstream sectors and increasing the export of petroleum products to neighboring countries, as well as ensuring active support for boosting export of technology and engineering services of Iranian companies to neighboring countries are other areas of attention for the candidate.


HL: Establishing strong diplomacy and bolstering international relations are major priority for Oil Minister Candidate Javad Owji.