Armed gunmen have kidnapped at least 75 people from a village in northwest Nigeria

August 22, 2021 - 21:35

Locals reported the incident, in the northern village of Rini village, the latest in a line of abductions that have plagued the West African country. 

The spate of kidnappings, many of which target school girls are mostly carried out by armed Takfiri terrorist groups. 

Residents have vented their anger at the government and security forces' failure to stop the wave of kidnappings in the country’s north. 

According to Aliyu Tungar-Rini, a resident of the community in northwest Nigeria's Zamfara state "The number of people kidnapped from (the village of) Rini must be more than seventy-five”.

Habu Abubakar, also a resident of Rini village, said more than 80 people were kidnapped by the gunmen. He says they came wearing black clothes on more than 50 motorbikes.

Meanwhile, the death toll from an attack by Nigerian security forces on a peaceful procession marking Ashura has risen to three. At least a dozen others have also been injured in the state of Sokoto. 

Analysts have slammed the government for deploying security forces to a peaceful procession instead of tackling the spate of kidnappings by terrorist groups. 

Nigerian security forces have repeatedly used deadly force against the peaceful processions sparking outrage from human rights organizations.