By Faranak Bakhtiari

500 international philanthropists participate in Mustafa Prize

October 24, 2021 - 17:53

TEHRAN – The Mustafa Prize has so far benefited from the participation of over 500 international charities, scholars, and philanthropists, Mehdi Saffarinia, director of Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation, said during the award ceremony, held at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Thursday.

During the 2021 Mustafa Prize award ceremony, five Muslim scientists were awarded cash prizes amounting to $1 million, as the laureates of the 4th edition of the event.

In the ‘All Areas of Science and Technology’ section, the Mustafa Prize 2021 was shared between Professor Kamran Vafa, an Iranian-American Theoretical Physicist, and Professor Zahid Hassan, a Bangladeshi scientist.

Mohamed El. Sayegh, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, and Yahya Tayalati were the other prize winners from Islamic countries.

During the 2021 Mustafa Prize award ceremony, five Muslim scientists were awarded cash prizes amounting to $1 million. Saffarinia said that over 500 charities, scholars, and philanthropists have participated to donate the cash award during the past editions.

More than 200 members from around the world have supported the scientific-cultural movement with their contributions, he added.

The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation has provided the opportunity for the development of scientific and technological cooperation by establishing a network of nearly 6,500 science and technology experts from 50 countries and interacting with 910 prestigious international centers.

Boosting friendship, collaboration 

During the event, Sourena Sattari, head of the Mustafa Prize policy-making council, said that the prize has built a new ecosystem, which connects universities, VCs, students, and tech parks to each other.

He said that Iran yearns for further cooperation with other countries in the field of science and technology.

Sattari appreciated a friendly relationship set up between Muslim countries based on science and technology, adding that the Islamic countries have common cultural fields to have joint projects.

According to the experiences of Iran, transforming into an innovative society can overcome challenges with international collaboration in the field of science and technology, he added.

He said that the Mustafa Prize aims to use science and technology as a factor to make opportunities for boosting friendship and collaboration in Islamic society.

Science knows no border

Kamran Vafa, who won the prize for developing F-theory, stated that “Mustafa Prize is a reminder that there are no boundaries in the realm of science and technology, and that these belong to all humanity.”

Vafa pointed out that the Prize is “a reminder that the Islamic countries, making up one-quarter of the world’s population, must revive their importance and play their critical role in this realm.”

Zahid Hasan, laureate for “Weyl fermion semimetals”, stated that the scientists should connect their science with industry to improve their countries, emphasizing fundamental science as an important part of knowledge, which is unfortunately ignored in Islamic countries.

History and awards

In order to appreciate prominent scientists and provide the ground for scientific cooperation and development worldwide, the Mustafa Prize was established in 2012 as a symbol of scientific excellence at the international level.

The Mustafa Prize, a top science and technology award, is granted biennially to the top researchers and scientists of the Islamic world in four categories: “Life and Medical Science and Technology”, “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”, “Information and Communication Science and Technology”, and “All areas of science and technology”.

The Prize is granted to works deemed to have improved human life, have made tangible and cutting-edge innovations on the boundaries of science, or have presented new scientific methodology.

The laureates in each category will be awarded $500,000 which is financed through the endowments made to the Prize. The laureates will also be adorned with a special Medal and a certificate.