Iraqi PM meets resistance party blocs

November 9, 2021 - 21:8

TEHRAN - The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi has held a meeting with members of Iraq’s Resistance Coordination Committee. The committee represents different factions of the anti-U.S. Iraqi resistance groups whose political wings have been elected to parliament. According to Iraqi media, President Barham Saleh and the head of the Judiciary Council were also present at the talks.

The statement added that "the meeting concluded with several points, which are condemning the crime of targeting demonstrators, completing the judicial investigations related to it, holding those involved in this crime accountable, rejecting and condemning the crime of targeting the Prime Minister's house, completing the investigation, and providing the investigation team with a specialized technical team to find out all the facts of the crime and bring those responsible for it to the judiciary." 
The meeting included an agreement to “reduce tension, stop media escalation from all sides, remove all manifestations of provocation in the street, pressing ahead towards calming people’s fears, sending messages of reassurance to the Iraqi people, and searching for legal remedies necessary for the results of the non-objective elections that restore confidence to all parties in the electoral process that has been shaken to a degree.”  And calling for a national meeting to discuss the possibility of finding solutions to this intractable crisis."

The outcome of the talks according to what was published in a statement by several political parties including the second largest bloc in parliament, the conquest alliance included: 

A condemnation on the fatal shooting to death of demonstrators protesting alleged election irregularities and the need to complete the judicial investigations related to it and the trial of those involved in this crime.

A Condemnation of the failed assassination attempt using a drone to target the residence of the Prime Minister and completing the investigation related to this attack and bringing the perpetrators of the crime to the judicial authorities.

Reducing tension in the country, stopping the media escalation from all sides and working towards calming the nation and reassuring the Iraqi people.

Seeking legal ways to resolve the crisis concerning the post election results so that confidence can be restored in the electoral process to all parties as well as calling for a national meeting to consider finding a way out of the crisis.

All present at the meeting stressed the need to maintain peace and internal and civil settlement and address all ambiguities within the framework of the legal and political apparatus.

Since the October 10 election Iraqis have held regular protests across the country against what they say is vote irregularities. The initial announced by the electoral commission put the party of the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in the lead. However, the party fell short of a ruling majority.