Help yourself to some words and a cup of tea

January 26, 2022 - 16:36

These days, the weather isn’t too cold to stay at home all day but, because of this new virus, Omicron, we are not really eager to leave the house either so what’s better than staying inside and reading the books you like? Therefore, we will suggest some books which would take you to the wonderland and, doesn’t feel like you’re stuck at home anymore.

A book for teenagers

“The Sing Of The Main Fingerprints” is a novel by Hossein Ghorbanzadeh that recently has been published by Mehrak publication. The critics like the book, and it also received some awards. 

Ghanbarzadeh is a writer who is mostly interested in writing historical novels and prefers few but deep readers rather than numerous readers of popular but simple novels.

The story is about a brave teenage boy named Behnam Abazar, a hero in the middle of a serious battle all on his own.

Abazar is in love with a girl named Golara, but two of his bullying classmates always irritate him and want him to forget about her. Besides them, Golaras’s father also threatens him all the time. But with all these troubles, he still goes to see his beloved secretly.

The fact that the author has used a lot of descriptions of his city, its culture, and its nature, shows his concern to introduce his city, Meshkinshahr. 

A book for adults

Reza Shah committed many atrocities during his reign against various groups of people in Iran, and the most brutal one was the suppression of Turkmen tribes. In order to succeed in his plan, he sent his most ruthless forces that Turkmens had to get permission to even go somewhere.  

So far, very few stories have been written about these historical events, and that’s why the novel “Mati Khan” by Abdul Rahman Onaq, is a perfect Iranian fiction.  

"Mati Khan" is the story of a Turkmen man who stand against the Russian invasion and became a symbol of his tribe’s power. The book has also shown the age gap and how fathers who were fighters themselves, now look for peace and don’t let their children fight. Mati Khan wants peace but his sons want fighting and resisting and now he has to do something for all these troubles.