The last night in Khorramshahr

February 15, 2022 - 18:45

“War Horse” is one of the most famous movies about World War I by Steven Spielberg which was an Oscar-nominated movie too.

If you have not seen the scene of the attack on German positions in the movie, then imagine such a scene; a rainy land in the mud, full of barbed wire and unexploded ordnance, and holes with several corpses inside. On one side, the German forces and on the other side, the British forces came to the French war front. The canals on both sides are not more than a few meters apart, and if they put their hats on a stick and raise it a little, their hat would change into a sieve and would be destroyed. 

In such a situation, with the command of the commander, the soldiers must run and attack the opposite side; in fact, they become close and slow victims, and this is the scene I needed. Soldiers must be ready to be killed, and if any of them decides to retreat, they will be shot by their comrade due to the commander’s command.

It’s a dreadful scene but not for those of us who have seen our eight-year war, although, there are some differences like, most of our images from the war is a 13-14 years old teenager, begging the commander to go to the front, and if he can’t get the permission, he will hide under the bus or train seat to go with any possible way, and on the other side of this 8-years war, an Iraqi colonel named Kamel Jaber, is struggling to stay and fight. 

"The Last Night in Khorramshahr" is the Iraqi colonel, Kamel Jaber’s memories who prefers to injure himself because of his fear of the war, retreating, and its military tribunal. His memories have been translated by Faten Sabzpoosh and published by Soore Mehr publication.