Azadeh Jahan Ahmadi

“Clay Coins” 

February 23, 2022 - 18:49

It is estimated that the Ashura literature and culture of our country must have had an old background, but there have been some new and worthy changes; unlike the past, poets and writers use the element of emotion more these days and combine it with comprehensive and documented studies, a method that has worked well, especially in fiction and novels.

Ashura literature in the form of fiction has begun two decades ago in our country, with several good collections, and is still going strong. What distinguishes today's Ashura stories is the authors' attempt to see and write about it from various perspectives based on careful historical research. 

Most of the books that are about holy characters are full of stereotypes and slogans, but this book, with 107 pages, has narrated the story differently. Ali Yari, the author of the book "Clay Coins", has written about the last days of Hurmala’s life in Kufa, where Mukhtar al-Thaqafi was the governor. In addition to Hurmala’s life, the author has also mentioned the Tawwabin uprising and Mukhtar al-Thaqafi’s government in his book. 

In some parts, the book is very similar to the Mokhtarnameh series, like the dialogues, characters, and how Hurmala got arrested, but the similarity was not intentional or that the writer wanted to, it’s just the amazing impact of this series on our subconscious as an audience. 

Overall, “Clay Coins” is a great, simple, and acceptable book of Ashura literature that you can give a young person or teenager as a gift.