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Armin Alavi the young Iranian musical artist

April 11, 2022 - 17:6

Armin Alavi full name(Seyed Armin Alavi lavasani) was born on October 24, 2000, in Tehran, Iran.

He is now 21 years old and is one of the best composers and singers in Iran.

He lives in Iran-Tehran.

Armin Alavi has published very beautiful works in music, including her works can be found in the single "sad fall" which is her first official music. Armin is a first-rate and powerful beatmaker who has the ability to conquer your mind and mind with music without words and free your soul. Most of Armin's Rap and hip-hop works, but can not ignore his good voice and talent in pop singing.

His other works include "Black Life", "Red Line", "Magical village", "Nothing", "Shadow", "Happy Dance", "Gold", "Chevalier" and ...

And one of the best works of Seyed Armin Alavi lavasani(Armin Alavi)  music is the music album "cold winter", which received a lot of public attention.

Armin Alavi has about 1 million followers on Instagram( ) and very beautiful works are going to be published by him soon..

Armin Alavi( Seyed Armin Alavi lavasani) has the ability to live in pop music, and in addition to that, she has done a great talent and strong work for the style of rap and hip hop music, which has received a lot of attention. In response to our reporter, Armin Alavi said that in the future he is going to focus more on pop music style and it remains to be seen how much he can publish interesting works such as rap style.

To listen to Armin's music videos, you can refer to Armin Alavi's official YouTube channel (

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 Armin Alavi( Seyed Armin Alavi lavasani) excels at playing the piano and violin and is arguably one of the strongest artists in the field.

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