“Winter Without the Prince” Pigeons that change a teenager's life

May 10, 2022 - 18:28

"Winter Without the Prince" is a teen novel written by Fateme Nafari and published by Soore Mehr. 

One of the work's strengths is addressing the historical event of the Iranian revolution and combining it with teen literature, and it somehow shows the accuracy and courage of the author. She claimed to have a strong interest in history and the study of it, and that she prioritized history study in order to write this book, even studying events from several decades prior to the revolution.

The book's text is straightforward and easy to understand. The story takes place in 1977, a year before the revolution, but the author chose to include some flashbacks to the past, which added to the story's intrigue and excitement. The main character and narrator of the book is a young boy named Reza who is a       pigeon fancier. To today's teenagers, Reza being a pigeon fancier may seem silly and strange, but these pigeons later become the basis of many of Reza's decisions.

He comes from a poor family that lives in Varamin, but after a while, they have to come to Tehran due to his father’s job. Reza and his pigeons become separated unintentionally as a result of his family's relocation to Tehran and their involvement in political and revolutionary movements. This separation has changed Reza so much that he has decided to sell them in order to help his family.

He is confronted with new concepts such as justice, change, and fiduciary duty. The story does not attempt to directly involve Reza in the conflict between truth and falsehood, or to impose on him the task of determining who is correct and who is incorrect, and through the story, he discovered it himself. 

With the book's potential, it appears that it could be used to make a teen movie by focusing more on dramatic part. The main subject may appear to be a little repetitive at times, but the consistent events and boldness of meanings such as responsibility and trust will help to make this a great and unique work.