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Simultaneous Presentation of INAMAD & Online Payment Gateway by SADAD E-Payment Corporation

June 22, 2022 - 16:24

SADAD Electronic Payment (e-payment) Company also is ready to present an online payment gateway to applicants through single e-commerce window and concurrent with receiving INAMAD.

According to the Public Relations Department of Bank Melli Iran (BMI), SADAD E-Payment Company has conducted many cooperation and collaboration with E-Commerce Development Center over the past months in order to create the necessary platforms for simultaneous receiving of INAMAD and payment gateway, based on which, INAMAD Web Service and Single Integrated E-Commerce Window was implemented by this prestigious company as pilot. 

This measure was taken by SADAD E-Payment Company with the aim of fulfilling its responsibility in optimizing and accelerating payment process and also an interactive approach with the responsible institutions including E-Commerce Development Center.
Presently, SADAD E-Payment Company has been a superior and helping company to other e-payment companies in order to present quality services to the applicants of online payment portal in the shortest time possible using INAMAD Web Service and Single Integrated E-Commerce Window. 

Accordingly, E-Commerce Development Center has now issued a notice to all online payment companies to connect themselves to INAMAD Web Service and also Integrated Single E-Commerce Window. 

In this way, businesses can also receive the online payment gateway directly when receiving e-Trust symbol directly.

With the cooperation and arrangement made between Shaparak (Electronic Card Payment Network Company) and E-Commerce Development Center, there will be no need to re-enter the information to receive the payment gateway with registering the INAMAD request. 

SADAD E-Payment Company always tries to take the initiative to create such services to help improve the quality of electronic payment services in the country.

By providing this platform, applicants of online portal can immediately select the payment service company or the desired online services from the list of companies connected to an integrated Single E-Commerce Window. 

In addition to sending the verified information, identity, domain, landline (conventional) and mobile phone, email, address, type of activity, tax tracking code, etc., they can also register Internet portal request without reentering the information.