By Martin Love

Maybe, just maybe, real change can happen…

August 2, 2022 - 11:30
There seems little cheer about in the US and with its “allies” currently: 

Climate control seems like it will not happen because maybe it can’t happen and won’t until it’s far too late. Consider that the corrupted World Economic Forum has asserted that the personal ownership of automobiles must be curtailed radically or halted completely. What? The US, to cite one country, is entirely dependent on the automobile.

Its public transport is ancient, long neglected by government: so much spending on unnecessary warmongering during and since the Vietnam War that the US is broke financially, its monetary system on the brink of collapse, its debt in the stratosphere…and still the US government is prancing about as if it still owns the world and can do no wrong when the wrongs have been off the charts far too often.

“The US in its entire existence has only been at full peace for about 20 years.”Wars, often promoted by the US, have been springing up large or small. Ukraine is just one example and that’s because the US wants to break Russia and control its resources, or steal them, as it has already in other countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. The US in its entire existence has only been at full peace for about 20 years: former President Jimmy Carter had said the US is the most warlike country in world history.

The great intellectual Noam Chomsky has recently claimed that the US mainstream media has during this century become more suppressive and repressive of “free speech” in the media than the Soviet Union was after the Stalin era. The net result of this? Honest journalists have been disappeared from the broadcast and print media in the US, with a few rare exceptions that almost no one gets to read and even know exist. The best US journalists might be found on new outlets like Russia Today, though that can no longer be seen in the US, or even in al-Jazeera or in the Tehran Times for English readers. And 90 percent or more of US citizens are woefully uninformed about what’s really happening and why in a world that seems to be coming apart at the seams, even if or because many US adults can no barely read English beyond a fifth-grade level.

“It appears that in a number of countries or a collection of countries the worst faux leaders seem to rise to the top.”US allies, including countries in the EU, are some of the most debauched, detached, sorry “allies” anyone could conceive or even want to have. Saudi Arabia under the butcher MBS, who was shunned as a “little Saddam” by his classmates as a youth and often banned from the playing fields by his young peers in Saudi Arabia and was hardly seen as the future leader there. How in Allah’s name did he come to govern Saudi Arabia as a dictator? That’s a question for the ages. Indeed, it appears that in a number of countries or a collection of countries the worst faux leaders seem to rise to the top. Boris Johnson and now Liz Truss? Ursula von der Leyen? Vladimir Zelensky? And others. It’s well-nigh unbelievable, but true, that these and others are corrupted leaders, vassals of the US for the most part, not serving their respective people.

And then for now, there is the US since 2000, but especially since 2016. George Bush? Even Barack Obama who started well but lost his mind six months after his inauguration and his Cairo speech, quite likely under threat. Trump, who killed the JCPOA and gave the Zionists carte blanche, and who has lived a debauched life since his youth?  Did Obama remember what happened to JFK in the early 1960s? Kennedy threatened to disband the CIA and even had second thoughts about the Vietnam War in its infancy, which in ignominy his successor, Lyndon Johnson, took beyond the moon, which effectively began to bankrupt the US slowly. By 1971 his successor. Richard Nixon took the US dollar off of the gold standard, debauching the dollar ever since as a store of real value by slow, and now ever faster degrees.

“A multipolar world is being painfully born.”And now Israel, the US’s number one alleged “ally” in Asia, is taking ethnic cleansing, land theft and murderous violence in Palestine to obscene heights, not to mention roiling the Arab/Muslim dominated world and especially Iran with threats of more violence even of the nuclear kind along with sanctions. What Arabs support Israel at all these days, or have ever? Not most regular, Arab citizens under the heels of filthy rich dictators as in the Persian Gulf area. Egypt is not much better under Sisi.

But this writer is merely pointed out a few of the most abusive negatives. What’s the good news, if there is any?

A multipolar world is being painfully born. The US is slowly losing its world hegemony and trying desperately in all the wrong ways to maintain it, further discrediting itself across the globe. Informed people in the US see this. Joe Biden for example has the lowest approval rating of any President to date: a mere 38 percent of the population apparently. The possibly ascendent GOP is racist and fascist at its core for now. A third political party is being born at the margin inside the US.

Thus the entire world suffers but dreams of real change. The EU and even NATO could dissolve in this decade. EU countries have dispensed with sovereignty as mere vassals to US demands. Europe has been taken down the primrose path by the US but revolutions may be brewing there. And no one wins if the US launches World War 3. Not even the US.