By Mohammad Mohsen Fayezi

Generation Z Palestine

March 18, 2023 - 5:21

TEHRAN- Generation after generation, Palestine follows a path that seems to be predetermined for it, a destiny of support and betrayal, defeat and victory, politics and opportunities, leaders and legends.

Since 2010, a generation of Palestinians was on their own predetermined path that was interpreted as the "post-Oslo" generation. This meant a generation that had turned 20 years old and had not witnessed the path taken before Oslo or viewed the decisions made by its leaders as an event. Instead, they saw Oslo as a consequence and searched for it in their surroundings. A generation that did not find independence, identity, or its rights from Oslo. The events of 2015 and 2016, known as the Third Intifada, were considered by some to be a complete reflection of the post-Oslo generation in Palestine.

 However, in 2022, a new generation saw itself in the world of Palestine; a generation that has begun with its new thoughts and perspectives. They are now 20 years old and have not seen Oslo or understood the last serious outcry and uprising of Palestinians in 2000.
Some have chosen the familiar name "Generation Z" for the new generation, a choice that seems intelligent and brings us closer to a more accurate understanding.

For example, Hitham Al-Jassmi, a columnist for the English-language Al Jazeera website, introduces the new generation of Palestine in an article titled "Generation Z will free Palestine." This generation faced different conditions in Nablus, Jenin and Jerusalem in 2022.
The Palestinian Generation Z has several prominent features: liberation from leaders and political developments, love for past myths, all-out struggle from media to arms, belief in the possibility of struggle and freedom and regained self-esteem from the path of Palestinian resistance and struggle. The attitudes and thoughts of Palestinian Generation Z can be found in various operations and events of 2022 and 2023. They are a generation that is independent from political movements and even resists their leaders, even those from the resistance movement.

Palestinian Generation Z is proud of its armed and intelligent path. They are exactly like Generation Z around the world in 2022; they are fashionable, recreational, virtual beings who see their lives as part of the struggle. Like other generations before them, Palestinian Generation Z criticizes fearlessly and follows its own separate revolutionary path from its past.

The youth of the Z generation in Palestine are becoming role models for their peers. Ibrahim Nablusi is an example of this Z generation in Palestine. They are no longer lost and alone in a joint operation, but their lives, resilience, attitude, and even moments of martyrdom are exposed and modeled. Ibrahim's images and words have been widely reflected in Palestinian media. So much so that Zionist media have dubbed martyr Ibrahim Nablusi as the "TikTok terrorist" and are concerned that he will become a role model for young people.

The Z generation in Palestine is fearless and even radical, but on the other hand, the Sheikh Jarrah hashtags are not alone; they keep other Z generations around the world at the top of global trends for weeks. The Z generation in Palestine is a challenge without a solution for Zionists; it seems that their struggle and suppression is different from previous generations. They live differently, think differently, and fight differently.

The youth of the Z generation in Palestine have found their own path; they have not come solely to fight or fulfill their duty to their homeland or ideology but to seek results, to seek freedom - freedom without some of the traditions of their fathers or political considerations. The youth of the Z generation in Palestine will create a southwestern horizon with their future, free from any fear or consideration.