Shahrudi calls Friday election a “national jihad”

December 18, 2006 - 0:0
TEHRAN -- Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi- Shahrudi here on Sunday called the Friday election a “national jihad” which once again proved the people’s trust in the Islamic system and the constitution.

“All officials should appreciate this glorious and vigilant participation (in election) because the people went to polling stations with a deep understanding and high intelligence,” the Judiciary chief told a meeting of senior legal officials. At this sensitive juncture that the enemies are launching poisonous propaganda against Iran the people showed that they “trust the officials and are aware of the situation.”

He thanked Majlis for approving the simultaneous Assembly of Experts and municipal elections which led to an increased voter turnout and a cut in election costs. “We hope that the participation of people in elections which was in fact a ‘national jihad’ would lead to better service to the people.”