Iran busts 'spy pigeons' near nuclear site

October 21, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN (AFP) – Security forces in Natanz have arrested two suspected “spy pigeons” near Iran's uranium enrichment facility, the reformist Etemad Melli newspaper reported on Monday.

One of the pigeons was caught near a rose water production plant in the city of Kashan in Isfahan province, the report cited an unnamed informed source as saying, adding that some metal rings and invisible strings were attached to the bird.
“Early this month, a black pigeon was caught bearing a blue-coated metal ring, with invisible strings,” the source was quoted as saying of the second pigeon.
The source gave no further description of the pigeons, neither their current status nor what their fate will be.
Natanz is home to Iran's uranium enrichment plant, which is not far from Kashan.
The activity is the focus of Iran's five-year standoff with the West.
Last year, Iran issued a formal protest over the use of espionage by the United States to produce a key intelligence report on the country's peaceful nuclear program.