Persian Press Review

April 5, 2011 - 0:0

Monday’s headlines

KAYHAN: Contest of giant companies for plundering black gold
IRAN: Tax exemption will double in 5 years
HAMSHAHRI: Success of government in reducing housing price
TEHRAN EMROOZ: Heart attack main cause of death in Tehran
TEHRAN EMROOZ: Intelligence minister says report about persons who act on their own (persons who insulted certain officials and members of their families) has been presented to Judiciary
TAFAHOM: Vice president says transfer of civil servants from Tehran will be expedited in Khordad (May 22-June 21)
TAFAHOM: Housing minister vows no increase in house prices in current year (which began on March 21)
KHORASAN: Destruction of 13 million hectares of forests in Iran
JAM-E JAM: Supreme Leader says more developments will take place in the region
JAVAN: Muslims protest new Quran burning in the U.S.
QODS: Clinton’s secret letter to Salehi
IRAN: Efforts to make people feel the effects of economic jihad
FARHIKHTEGAN: Motto of economic jihad will be realized in 1390 budget (the current year budget)
DONYA EGHTESAD: A golden year for OPEC members
QODS: A question mark about a record in number of new trips (in New Year holidays)
MELLAT-E MA: Kuwait and Arabic dance with Western music