IPU okays Iran’s proposal to support Mideast, North African nations

April 20, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has passed Iran’s proposal for defending the rights of the people in the middle East and North Africa.

The decision was made on Monday during the 124th Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly that kicked off on Saturday in the city of Panama on Monday.
Negotiations over Iran’s proposal turned into a dispute between Iranian and Bahraini parliamentary delegations. However, the proposal was finally approved.
A Bahraini lawmaker then claimed that Iran interferes in Bahrain’s internal affairs and that uprisings in Bahrain are directed from outside.
In response to these allegations, Heshmatollah Falahatpishe, an Iranian lawmaker, said, “Dear colleagues, before anything, I want you to know the meaning of interference; certain countries, through sending troops to Bahrain, are suppressing popular uprisings in the country and are killing people but the Bahraini lawmaker accuses Iran of interfering.”
In addition to Iranians, people from Iraq and other parts of the world are sensitive to these suppressions, Falahatpishe said, asking, “Does it mean interference.”
Iran only says Bahrainis’ demands should be met, he noted.
He went on to say that Iran’s proposal would not have been passed, if the issue had not been important.
The Iranian lawmaker also asked that a fact-finding committee be established to investigate the killing of innocent people in the Middle East and North Africa