IRGC: Deal of century is ‘illegitimate’

June 18, 2019 - 19:45

TEHRAN - The spokesman for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on Tuesday called the U.S. proposed the “deal of century” a failure and “illegitimate”.

“A deal in which the main party, the Palestinians, do not participate is illegitimate and will be ensued by Palestine’s new intifada,” Ramazan Sharif said during a meeting to study the Quds Day rallies.

General Sharif said the deal of century is a “shame” for leaders of certain Islamic countries who accommodate the Zionist regime of Israel.

Under the deal of the century, U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed to limit Palestine’s land to around half of the West Bank.

The International Quds Day, which falls on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, was marked on May 31. This year’s demonstrations revolved around the slogan of “The International Quds Day, failure of deal of the century and stabilization of the Palestine cause”.

Participating in the rallies in Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani said that “There is no doubt that deal of the century will turn into ‘failure of the century’, and will not yield results.”

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), also said deal of the century is doomed to failure.

“This shameful plot will be defeated by the hands of the resistant Palestinian people,” he told a conference through a video link held in the Gaza Strip under the title of “No to Deal of Century”.

Shamkhani added, “The U.S. administration seeks to waste the Palestinian people’s blood over the last 70 years through ending the issue of the Palestinians’ return (to their homeland) with the help of Arab countries’ money.”

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on June 5 that the deal of the century is doomed to fail and will “never materialize.”

Also in remarks in July 2018, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “The Americans have named their devil policy on Palestine ‘the deal of the century’ but they should know that, by divine grace, this ‘deal of the century’ will never materialize.”

The Leader said the Palestinians will stand against this policy and all the Muslims will support them.