By Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council

Why Leader has given different responses to different U.S. presidents? 

June 23, 2019 - 10:53

TEHRAN - A few years ago, when Barack Obama, former President of U.S. sent a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Leader told the Iranian officials that he will answer the letter. However, in his recent meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Ayatollah Khamenei said Trump does not “deserve” a response.

Undoubtedly, from the perspective of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is no fundamental difference between different U.S. presidents as they all have had the same goals and have adopted the same deceitful behavior toward Iran. The Leader, also, has always had the same policy of not yielding to the oppressive and arrogant behavior of U.S. presidents. 

So, why did Ayatollah Khamenei gave two different answers to the same request of two American presidents? 

In fact, Trump has trampled all international rules and regulations. He is merely an international blackmailer who has adopted an unpredictable behavior and thinks that by continuing this policy, he can abolish all the rights of Iranian nation.  

By adopting this policy, Trump has continuously aroused commotion in international arena; in few cases, though, it seems that some ignorant tycoons in Persian Gulf region have bitten Trump’s bait and have let him take all the finanical gain and in doing so made him even more self-important. 

The two different answers of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to two American presidents, can be analyzed from two different angles: 

•    First; the logic of “politeness in answer to politeness” and “contempt in answer to bullying”. 

According to Iran’s foreign policy, which is based on pure Islam, Iran does not want to fight with any country or entity; if the other countries treat us with respect and politeness, they will receive the same level of respect. But, if they try to bully us by using blackmails and threats, we will not succumb to their oppression, conversely, we will have nothing but contempt for them, as it is the nature of free human beings. 

•    Second; the importance of having an “independent policy” and continuing our strategy of “active resistance”. 

This is Iran’s firm strategy; as the top priority of the government and Iranian nation is in doing things that protect Iranians’ national interest and guard the humanitarian causes. Therefore, Iran will decide for itself and don’t give bribes to anybody; the best policy toward intruders is to take on a firm stand and not to yield in to their oppression.