Guardian Council to form expert group to supervise legislation policies 

October 8, 2019 - 13:47

TEHRAN – Spokesman for Iran’s Guardian Council Abbas Ali Kadkhodayee announced on Monday that the legislative vetting body is duty bound to form an expert group for studying and directing general legislation policies in the council. 

In a specialized meeting over necessities of materialization of general policies of legislation system held at the venue of Law and Political Science Faculty of the University of Tehran, Kadkhodayee said such an expert group is supposed to study and direct general legislation policies to pave the ground for more confidential execution of law nationwide. 

“There are some ratified bills that do not enjoy any guarantee for their execution. Law must solve the country’s problems but it must not exacerbate the situation,” the spokesman went on to say.

“We must do our best to minimize the cases of parallel laws because such deficit will make difficult implementation of laws,” Kadkhodayee pointed out.

“As an example, the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution has been issuing some ratifications on which the Guardian Council’s supervision or monitoring are not specified,” he pointed out.

Kadkhodayee added that the above-mentioned expert group is a subset of the Guardian Council and decision about its establishment was made in a meeting among representatives of the Parliament, the Expediency Council and the Guardian Council. 

The Guardian Council is an appointed and constitutionally mandated 12-member council.

The Iranian constitution calls for the council to be composed of six Islamic faqihs (expert in Islamic Law), "conscious of the present needs and the issues of the day" to be selected by the Leader of Iran, and six jurists, "specializing in different areas of law, to be elected by the Parliament from among the Muslim jurists nominated by the Judiciary chief.