Iran’s Hormuz peace initiative a dialogue-based catalyst for durable security: MP

January 21, 2020 - 21:18

TEHRAN - An Iranian lawmaker said on Tuesday that the Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) proposed by President Hassan Rouhani is capable of leading the region towards durable peace and security based on dialogue. 

Ali Sari made the remarks during a speech at a conference in the Qatari University of Doha with the subject of moving towards new security system in the Persian Gulf.

“The Hormuz peace plan, offered by Iran, is an initiative in line with restoration of peace and security based on dialogue,” Sari told the conference. 

“We will bring development and progress to the regional nations via dialogue and cooperation. The regional countries will enjoy stronger and friendlier ties by relying on the Hormuz Peace Endeavor,” Sari added.  

He further pointed to the Zionist regime of Israel’s negative role in the region and said, “Israel is pursuing a policy based on which Tel Aviv tries to portray Iran as a threat to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. This policy is in line with arms trade.”

“Israel is providing billions of dollars for arms manufacturing companies via destabilizing the region and creating tensions,” he added.   

Addressing the UN General Assembly late in September 2019, President Rouhani unveiled Iran's new initiative for the establishment of peace and security in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

"The goal of the Coalition for Hope is to promote peace, stability, progress and welfare for all the residents of the Strait of Hormuz region, and to enhance mutual understanding and peaceful and friendly relations amongst them," Rouhani told the delegates at the UN.

"This initiative includes various venues for cooperation, such as the collective supply of energy security, freedom of navigation and free transfer of oil and other resources to and from the Strait of Hormuz and beyond," he added.

"The Coalition for Hope is based on important principles such as compliance with the goals and principles of the United Nations, mutual respect, equal footing, dialog and understanding, respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty, inviolability of international borders, the peaceful settlement of all disputes, and more importantly, the two fundamental principles of non-aggression and non-interference in the domestic affairs of each other. The presence of the United Nations is necessary for the creation of an international umbrella in support of the Coalition for Hope," Rouhani underlined.