Iran, France carried prisoner swap

March 21, 2020 - 17:58

TEHRAN- Iran and France swapped an Iranian engineer who had been arrested over alleged violation of the US sanctions and a French national imprisoned in Iran for acting against national security.

France has released an Iranian engineer Jalal Ruhollah Nejad, who had been in French prisons for more than a year, after declining the US demand to extradite him.

The French officials said the french government declined the US demand to extradite an Iranian engineer Jalal Ruhollah Nejad to Washington.

This announcement is while a French court had approved in May 2019, the extradition of the Iranian engineer to the United States.

Also, the French Supreme Court had upheld the first court's ruling and ruled Ruhollah Nejad to be returned to the United States.

The US had alledged that the Iranian engineer was attempting to illegally import US technology for military purposes on behalf of an Iranian company.

Ruhollah Nejad was arrested last year when he arrived at Nice airport as he got off a plane coming from Tehran on charges of circumventing US illegal sanctions against Iran.

The French government finally released him on Friday after the follow-up made by Iran's intelligence system and the judiciary.

Despite the endorsement of Ruhollah Nejad's extradition, the change in France's decision and the rejection of the US government's request as a result of a complex follow-up by the Islamic Republic of Iran's institutions appears to be a significant achievement for Iran and a major failure for the US government.