Iranian lawmakers ratify anti-Israeli motion

Majlis tasks Iranian government to establish a virtual embassy in Palestine

May 18, 2020 - 19:21

TEHRAN — Iran’s lawmakers on Monday passed a motion against the hostile measures of the Zionist regime, Tasnim reported.

In an open session of the parliament, the MPs ratified the motion by a unanimous vote, tasking the government to establish a virtual embassy in Palestine.

The new law also bans the use of hardware manufactured by the Zionist regime, bans the activities of software platforms owned by the Israeli regime, and bars all-natural and legal persons, organizations, and companies affiliated with the Zionist regime from attending Iranian exhibitions and gatherings.

The new law also defines the punishment for cooperation with Israeli-linked institutions and stipulates that traveling to the occupied territories by Iranian nationals will carry imprisonment and passport deprivation up to 5 years.

The parliament also assigned the Iranian prosecutor general to lodge a complaint against the Zionist regime’s leaders in international tribunals for a whole host of crimes, such as their crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, acts of aggression, and terrorist activities inside and outside the occupied territories.

The Iranian lawmakers also determined the punishment for espionage for the Israeli regime, tasked the Foreign Ministry to pursue plans for the political initiative on holding a national referendum in the Palestinian territories, and defined the duties of all Iranian organizations to reveal the anti-human nature of the Zionist regime.

The Islamic Republic’s cultural bodies, including the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, were assigned the task of engaging in extensive cultural activity aimed at exposing the Zionist regime’s nature and atrocities.