Kadhimi visit to Iran in line with cementing foreign ties, says ex-PM al-Abadi

July 27, 2020 - 18:49

TEHRAN - Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has said that a visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to Iran on July 21-22 was in line with expanding foreign ties.

In an interview with Iraqi News Agency, Abadi said that the objective behind the visit was benefiting Iraq and using depth of its history and civilization to boost its foreign relations, ISNA reported on Monday.

He also said that Iraq is very important for Iran in countering the sanctions.

The former prime minister said Iraq is like “air way” for Iran.

Kadhimi visited Tehran to discuss ties between Iran and Iraq. The Iraqi prime minister met with a number of high-ranking Iranian officials including President Hassan Rouhani, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf.

During a joint press conference with Rouhani on July 21, Kadhimi said that his visit to Iran was aimed at boosting ties.

Several senior Iraqi officials including Minister of Finance and Prime Minister Assistant for Economic and Energy Affairs Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, Petroleum Minister Ehsan Abdul Jabar, Health Minister Hassan Mohammad al-Tamimi, Minister of Planning Khaled Battal, Defense Minister Joma Enad, Electricity Minister Majed Hantoush, National Security Advisor Qassem al-Araji and Head of Trade Bank of Iraq Faisal al-Haimus accompanied the prime minister on his first visit to a foreign country since taking office.