U.S. attempts to fight multilateralism doomed to failure: ambassador

August 19, 2020 - 17:33

TEHRAN — Iranian Ambassador to Paris Bahram Qassemi has said U.S. attempts to fight multilateralism and violate international norms is doomed to failure.

In a statement on Tuesday, Qassemi wrote that what happened at the UN Security Council meeting was a new process which can lead to fascinating consequences, IRNA reported.

He was pointed to the United States’ efforts to extend an arms embargo on Iran, which ended in a humiliating defeat at the UN Security Council on Friday. Only the Dominican Republic backed the U.S.-anti-Iran resolution. The vote highlighted the division between Washington and its European allies since Trump withdrew from the nuclear accord in May 2018.

According to Qassemi, the U.S., as a permanent member of the UNSC faced a historic defeat which can be considered a turning point in the contemporary era.

He described the role of Iran’s diplomacy as undeniable, saying such role should be considered precisely, fairly and reasonably.

The ambassador said that the votes in favor and against the U.S. draft resolution indicated that the world is concerned about continuation of the hegemony of a power with a long record of breaching international law and human rights.

Multilateralism is the only solution to the current problems the international community is suffering from, he noted.

Following Washington’s failure at the UN Security Council, Trump announced that he intends to trigger the snapback mechanism, which would reimpose international sanctions against Iran at the United Nations.

In response, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet on Sunday that United States’ recourse to the snapback mechanism under resolution 2231 has “no leg to stand on,” as Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the nuclear deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

In his Monday night televised interview, the foreign minister also said the U.S. is not a dominant power in the world anymore, hinting at its failure with the UNSC vote on Friday as a sign of the decline of Washington’s power.