Deputy foreign minister says Iran’s top priority is good neighborly ties

August 26, 2020 - 18:28

TEHRAN - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Mohsen Baharvand said on Wednesday that good neighborly ties are top priority of Iran’s foreign policy.

Baharvand made the remarks during a ceremony in Zahedan, capital of Sistan-Balouchestan, to inaugurate the provincial branch of the Foreign Ministry.

He said that the borders with the neighboring states should not be regarded as a line for separation but a point for connection and economic development.

Underlining the role of border provinces, such as Sistan-Baluchestan, in creating connection and interaction with neighboring countries, the official said that ways to boost further cooperation with neighbors have to be explored.

Baharvand noted that Iran has good relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan, adding that security is key to bilateral relations that has to be boosted at the joint borders.

He also referred to the issue of water resources and said that Iran expects neighboring countries, Afghanistan in particular, to pay due attention to Iranian rights to the shared water supplies.