By Martin Love

Joy for many now for Biden, but tragedy may loom ahead for the U.S. … 

November 9, 2020 - 21:17

If on the evening of November 7, after the mainstream media in the U.S. “called” the election win for Joe Biden earlier in the day, one happened to be in Chapel Hill, N.C., along main street you’d have thought the University of N.C. basketball team had won yet another of many past national championships. Hundreds if not more cars were blowing their horns and merrymakers on the sidewalks were shouting in glee because of Biden’s apparent win.

Yes, these were mostly young people and students of all races, but elder townsfolk, too, citizens of this usually conservative state where the election vote counting has not yet been completed and was likely going to conclude with a plurality for Donald Trump. But the tally in N.C. no longer matters. Biden as of late November 7th apparently won the requisite 270 electoral votes that are bound to give him the White House on January 20th.

If anything, the mood in progressive Chapel Hill is ebullient because at last Trump is headed for the dustbin of history, the U.S. Supreme Court despite the recent, quick elevation of conservative Amy Coney Barrett, has not and may not respond to Trump’s claims of election fraud and his demands for recounts in various battleground states like Pennsylvania, and some of his supporters are beginning to realize they don’t want to go down along with Trump, too, and are hedging their bets and support for him. The scene here is no doubt being played out similarly across half the country at least. Biden won a relatively big plurality of the popular vote, too. But herein lies the problem.

Because few expected Trump to garner as many votes as he apparently did, and it’s quite clear that almost half of Americans are despondent and angry that Trump apparently lost.

But is there going to be serious civil unrest and violence in the next couple of months? It’s possible, for the U.S. has never been more divided since the Civil War in the 19th century. And this is depressing, because it suggests that support of Trump or at least “Trumpism” is not going to go away anytime soon. It is also surprising because it suggests that too many Americans are and have been flat blind and ignorant to support a divisive President of such low, immoral caliber and character who sports such vile, racist views as he has intimated and even demonstrated over the past four years. Granted, no president is consistently going to do all the right things, but one would at least expect or hope to have a leader who at least tries to represent ALL Americans of whatever race and disposition and be a person of relatively good will and morality who tells the truth and tries to unite the country. Trump has failed on so many counts it’s hard to believe he ever was elected.

The other major problem is that those Americans who voted for centrist Democrat Biden are on balance much more “progressive” than Biden ever even pretended to be in his several decades in Congress and as Barack Obama’s vice president. Most want things like reforms and universal healthcare, new election laws, even term limits for Congressional representatives and an expanded Supreme Court that disallows a majority of conservative ideologues like Barrett to sit for life on the court and strike down progressive legislation assuming it is even proposed going forward in a Biden/Harris regime.

Most who gave Biden their vote may be grossly disappointed in the next four years to find that very little in terms of policy is going to change much. It would have been much better for the Democratic Party and the country as a whole if, say, someone as consistent as Senator Bernie Sanders had been nominated by the party and had become president back in 2016 or now, because the reforms long sought by many might well have been already made and might have assured that Democrats could manage to stay in power.

Sanders, for example, hotly opposed the war on Iraq that started in 2003, but Biden, sadly, pushed the war Baby Bush started, and that was probably the most grievous U.S. foreign policy mistake of this century and it has been compounded by amplified support by the Trump gang for the Zionists and the trashing of the JCPOA and sadistic sanctions on various countries like Iran and Venezuela and others that in one degree or another have nominally or overtly challenged rampant U.S. militarism simply because they have wanted to be left alone by the “empire”.

The fear is that “Trumpism” or something like it could well return in spades in 2024 (with a slicker presidential nominee than Trump) who has been put forth by the Republican Party. Biden could well become a tragic, one-term, figure in presidential annals UNLESS he leads strongly with new, progressive policies that somehow manage to take hold and thrive. Also, Biden is handicapped and he is likely to be tarred and blamed for breakdowns in the U.S. that have been essentially set up to unfold by Trump.

For example, a deep economic Depression probably looms ahead because the U.S. is virtually broke and the corrupted Federal Reserve Bank has been printing money like mad since the Great Recession of 2009 to try to keep financial markets and the economy afloat, and this could well lead to hyperinflation, crashing markets and the rejection of the dollar worldwide, which would mark the end of the U.S. “empire” and U.S. power and influence. Already some 30 million Americans are unemployed and that number could easily go ballistic. The very policies of governance and other reforms including economic ones that well-meaning Biden voters champion could well be impossible to enact by Biden’s regime even IF Biden tries to lead towards them strongly and with conviction. This is the potential looming tragedy that could set the stage in 2024 for a Republican president even more reactionary, racist, xenophobic and vile than Trump has been.

Changes that might have already occurred earlier under a wiser Democrat when they were more possible than now with the U.S. in a deep, looming hole may be impossible now. Furthermore, Biden is not known for creative thinking or bold moves. His and his coming Vice President Kamala Harris, for example, do not seem to be aiming to help solve critical problems in the Mideast largely fomented by the selfish Zionists in Israel and even in the U.S. Both Biden and Harris (whose husband is a Jew) have been strong supporters of AIPAC for decades, for one thing, which is one reason to suspect that support for the radicals in Israel could be the ultimate undoing of the United States. Netanyahu, it should be noted, has claimed that Israel was going to go to war against its alleged enemies like Iran and Syria, and even Lebanon and Iraq, in the Mideast given a Biden presidency.

If Israel started any such war, possibly deploying some false flag ruse, the question is whether the Biden regime would permit it to happen and even reluctantly support the Likud extremists because this has been the longstanding default posture of the U.S. Most likely, given the vast ignorance of most Americans about the Mideast, Biden would oblige Israel and ruin any chances he has of a second term with vastly more carnage.

Meanwhile, Trump has more than two months left in the White House and does not look to be about accomplishing anything positive, like a gracious concession. If he did anything, which at least would put any memory of him in a better light, he would pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and other besieged, brave whistle blowers in recent years and make one big, positive mark in the history books. Biden in any event may be just as cruel in this regard as Trump has been so far, even though Snowden may soon become a citizen of Russia, where he has been enisled for several years.

Thus, for now anyway, there is some rare joy among at least half of Americans, including many in places like Chapel Hill in North Carolina, because Trump and Trumpism appear to be on the way out whatever crude and misguided ploy Trump may attempt during the next two months to upset the U.S further and challenge a majority of Americans.