Majestic Si-o-Se-Pol to be brighter by new lighting system 

November 29, 2020 - 22:15

TEHRAN – A new lighting system will be installed at Si-o-Se-Pol, the 17th-century arch-bridge widely known as a masterpiece of Persian architecture in Isfahan, central Iran.

Some reports were noting some citizens and tourists were electrocuted last summer, and it turned out that that the lighting installations of Si-o-Se-Pol are gradually depreciating and they need restoration and improvement, an official with Isfahan Municipality has announced. 

Since then, due to the risk of electrocution, citizens and tourists were not allowed to enter surrounding areas of the bridge in Zayandeh Rood, Hossein Amiri said on Sunday. 

The same situation has been reported for 17th-century Pol-e Khaju, which stands tall nearby, the official added. 

Over the drying up of the river and also the restrictions following the outbreak of the coronavirus, this is the appropriate time to carry out the lighting project, the official added. 

He also noted that the lighting installations of the lower floors of the bridge is planned to be collected new lights and system will be installed.

Si-o-Se-Pol, also known as Allahverdi Khan, was completed in the very early 17th century. It is one of a small number of Safavid-era bridges that span the Zayanderud River.

The 298m-long monument has been served as both bridge and dam. It is a popular meeting place when the locals and travelers gather to watch the sunset and catch the moment alongside the arches.