Army tests new electro-optic system

January 20, 2021 - 21:54

TEHRAN - Iran’s Army Ground Force on Wednesday tested new indigenous electro-optic system in real combat conditions against mock enemy targets.

The Army started a two-day drill, codenamed “Authority 99”, along the Makran coasts on the northern rims of the Sea of Oman, on Tuesday.

It used the mobile electro-optic system, called Jalal, to precisely monitor different areas and the zones of the maneuver.

The Ground Force also employed an indigenous mobile geographic information system (GIS) to facilitate the control and command of operations and the preparation and production of various geographical data and operational maps, Fars reported.

The system provides the commanders with their essential requirements for controlling and commanding operations in remote and operational zones as well as training areas.

Moreover, the drone unit of the Army used different drones, including the upgraded Mohajer, for reconnaissance operations to monitor the foreign vessels in international waters.

It is worth mentioning Brigade 223 of the Ground Force carried out airborne and invasion operations along the coastal lines and returned to their bases by the Airborne Unit’s helicopters rapidly.