Vast permanent center for handicrafts to be inaugurated near Tehran  

January 22, 2021 - 20:53

TEHRAN – A massive permanent center for the craftsmanship and trade of handicrafts is being constructed in Alborz province, northcentral Iran.

The establishment of a permanent marketplace and exhibition of handicrafts is underway in Alborz since the province is home to many artists and craftspeople from various ethnic minorities, provincial tourism chief Freydoum Mohammadi said on Wednesday.

The center, being completed in close collaboration of the state-run institutes, crafters, and private investors, will be running as a comprehensive and all-inclusive center for specialized training in various fields of art, marketing, and sale of products, according to the official.

“And it will be a forum for organizing festivals and exhibitions as well.”

With 14 entries, Iran ranks first globally for the number of cities and villages registered by the World Crafts Council, as China with seven entries, Chile with four, and India with three ones come next. The country exported $523 million worth of handicrafts during the past calendar year 1398 (ended March 19). Of the figure, some $273 million worth of handicrafts were exported officially through customs, and about $250 million was earned via suitcase trade (allowed for customs-free and tax-free transfer) through various provinces, according to data provided by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.

Ceramics, pottery vessels, handwoven cloths as well as personal ornamentations with precious and semi-precious gemstones are traditionally exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, the U.S., the UK, and other countries.

Alborz province is surrounded by Mazandaran, Tehran, Markazi, and Qazvin provinces. Its name is driven by the Alborz Mountains. A significant part of the mountains is located in the north part of the province. Historical resources and documents as well as archeological studies indicate that Alborz has a rich culture dating back to prehistoric times.