Walnut Kuku added to Iran national heritage list

March 3, 2021 - 22:0

TEHRAN - Walnut Kuku, a kind of herbal frittata enriched by walnuts mostly served in Iran’s Tuyserkan county, has won a national cultural heritage status.

Kuku is a traditional Persian dish, full of fresh herbs and vegetables mixed with eggs and a balanced spice mix that is a little different for each variety—it is a bit like a lighter and more herb-packed frittata.

Being famous as the walnut capital of Iran, Tuyserkan is a county in Hamedan province. Walnut farming has a very old history in Tuyserkan where there are walnut trees as old as 700 years.

There are some 5,500 hectares of walnut orchards in Tuyserkan with an annual yield of some 70,000 tons. The abundance of walnut wood in the region has laid the ground for a well-developed woodcarving industry that has gained a nationwide reputation.