Tourist map of Damavand issued

April 10, 2021 - 20:0

TEHRAN – The first comprehensive tourist map of Mt Damavand, which is home to the tallest volcano in Asia, has been issued recently.

“The comprehensive map represents cultural and natural attractions that are scattered across Damavand. And It also provides information about tourist facilities; ones that a typical tourist may need during their trips,” Damavand’s tourism chief announced on Saturday.

“Tourism map was one of the needs of tourism development in Damavand and it is expected that an electronic tourism map will be prepared soon with the help of the municipality,” the official noted.

The dormant volcano (5671m), northeast of Tehran, is the highest mountain in West Asia. Shaped a little like Mt Fuji, it is one of Iran's most recognizable icons, appearing on the IR10,000 note, on bottles of Damavand spring water, and numerous other commercial items.

In good weather, the dramatic mountainous vistas around Damavand are attractive enough, and there are pleasant hot springs for a soak in nearby Abgarm village, and skiing in season at Abali, on the way from Tehran, according to Lonely Planet.

Most people who head out this way, however, will do so to climb the peak. Start by heading to the large, comfortable Polour Mountain Complex (2270m), built by the Iran Mountaineering Federation – the best place to acclimatize before attempting the south and west face routes. The climbing season is from June to September, or May to October for experienced climbers.