Election official announces upcoming election schedule

April 11, 2021 - 21:55

TEHRAN— In a radio interview on Sunday, Jamal Orf, the election headquarters chief, said that the registration of presidential candidates will be in person.

He said registration will begin on May 11 and lasts for five days.

The names of the final candidates for the presidential election will be announced on May 26 and 27, after being reviewed and confirmed by the Guardian Council.

The presidential election campaigns will also begin on May 28 and lasts for 20 days.

He also said health protocols will be observed in view of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“According to the law, we will try to make the necessary arrangements in terms of health protocols in the Ministry of Interior."

Presidential and council elections will be held simultaneously on June 18.

The Interior Ministry official also said city council registration has been completed and village council registrations are in place.

He said so far more than 50,000 people have registered for council elections and “their names will be sent to the supervisory boards for review.”

Referring to the higher proportion of female registrants than men, Orf said, "We hope that women will play a greater role in this field."