The Reform Front of Iran elaborates on the process to naming presidential candidate

April 26, 2021 - 18:39

TEHRAN - The Reform Front of Iran issued a report on Monday setting the criteria and the dates in the process of naming a final candidate for the June 18 presidential election.

Azar Mansouri, the front’s spokeswoman, said every potential presidential candidate should receive at least the votes of 10 persons member to the front’s general assembly and May 1 is the deadline for introducing candidates. 

And on May 2, in the first stage, the competence of only those candidates is assessed who receive the votes of a third of the assembly members, Mansouri explained.

She added in the second stage, from May 3 to 8, candidates will attend the meetings of the front’s assembly to answer questions and present their plans.

On May 9, those candidates who succeed to receive more than two-thirds of the votes will be identified. 

On May 10, one day before the registration of the candidates for the presidential election at the Interior Ministry, the names of candidates confirmed by the front will be released, she said. 

On May 11, the candidates will officially attend the Interior Ministry headquarters to register, the spokeswoman added.

If candidates are endorsed by the Guardian Council a national opinion polls will be conducted to name the final single candidate, she concluded.