Ghalibaf: The presence of foreign troops in the region is threat

April 28, 2021 - 21:24

TEHRAN— Speaking at a convention called "The Persian Gulf Is Our Home" on the anniversary of Persian Gulf Day on Wednesday, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, noted that the presence of foreign military troops in the region would only cause insecurity in the region, not peace.

"The Persian Gulf is important and glorious for us, but it will be more glorious and greater than today when we see the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the region. That day will be a day of joy for the people of the region," he stated. 

The senior MP said that the Persian Gulf is very dear to the people of Iran because "these brave people have sacrificed their loved ones for the security and stability of the region."

Ghalibaf stated that these foreign troops, led by the United States, have eroded economic opportunities in the region and beyond. 

"If we see a gap in the south and north of the Persian Gulf today, it is because of the presence of the U.S. military troops in the region," he said.

He also emphasized, "These foreign troops have come to the region to establish and control the procedures, and they have also come to change the procedures in their own interest."

"The only reason American military is present outside its territory is to secure its own interests," the top parliamentarian said.
Ghalibaf noted that another reason for the presence of troops outside their territories is to interfere in providing energy and maintaining the security of the Zionist regime.
The senior parliamentarian noted that the Islamic Republic has cut the U.S. hands from the north of the Persian Gulf. 

"Strong Iran has shown in practice that the U.S. will never reach the north of the Persian Gulf, and the U.S. movements will have no effect on the north of the Persian Gulf," he explained.

He expressed hope that all countries, altogether, expel the United States from the region and expel the foreign troops that have caused threats and insecurity to have a happier West Asia.

Ghalibaf also stated that "there are three crucial elements needed to expel foreign troops from the region. Self-esteem, convergence, and the existence of a deterrent force in the region." 

Explaining the first element, which is self-esteem, he said, "We must believe in the power and belief of the youth and people of the region that the region can be managed by relying on these capacities."

Moving to the second element, he said, "One of the reasons for the presence of foreign forces is to prevent this convergence." 

"The countries of the region must stand together, avoiding any differences and divergences. We are people who are culturally close to each other, and we must stop backwardness and put the region on the path of progress with peace and security," the senior MP said. 

He noted that the third necessary element for the expulsion of the foreign troops is the existence of a deterrent force in the region, saying, "We must be strong enough that the disruptors of regional security do not have the opportunity to appear in the region, so we need a security model that is in line with the conditions of the Persian Gulf."

The legislature speaker drew two approaches for the security model of the region. The first approach in the security model of West Asia focuses on the withdrawal of foreign troops. The second approach focuses on maximum participation of West Asian countries in security, defence, economic, political, cultural and social structures and cooperation. 

"If such a situation prevails in the Persian Gulf, we will see how this region will calm down and (this calmness) will have an impact on security and the global economy," he said.
He pointed out the potentials in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, calling all people, from the private sector to the governments and NGOs, to pay attention to the development of these two critical shores. 

"The strengthening of these shores will make the country stronger, so transit opportunities in this region should be used," Ghalibaf stressed.

Persian Gulf National Day is an official occasion in the Iranian calendar celebrated on the 10th day of Ordibehesht, or April 30.