Mehr Alizadeh writes to Reformist Front to back him

June 1, 2021 - 9:49

TEHRAN — Reformist candidate Mohsen Mehr Alizadeh has written a letter asking the Reformist Front of Iran to set an appointment for him at earliest convenience.

In the letter released on Monday, Mehr Alizadeh has stated that he is a reformist and he served in Khatami’s administration as the head of the Physical Education Organization. 

Mehr Alizadeh is seeking to get the approval of reformists in the presidential race. 

Earlier on May 26, a day after the names of the confirmed candidates were announced, Azar Mansouri, the spokeswoman for the Reformist Front of Iran, said that the front has no candidate as the Guardian Council did not endorse prominent reformist figures to run for the post of president. 

On May 27, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution thanked all those who registered to run for president, saying, “The honorable Guardian Council did what it deemed necessary according to its responsibility.”

The Leader added that not confirming a candidate “does not mean that a person is incompetent.”