By Martin Love

Zionists are a one trick pony called VIOLENCE…

June 9, 2021 - 21:58

One must slide reluctantly into masochism to stay informed. Cruelty, chaos, criminality and insanity reign. And smack in the center of it all is America and its sidekick or dominatrix, Apartheid Israel.

It seems clear Netanyahu and other Zionist “leaders” in Likud and in smaller parties farther to the right are ramping up the ethnic cleansing and mass arrests of Palestinians like rarely before in what may be an effort to spark a regional war. Netanyahu does not care whom he hurts or kills: he just wants to stay in the political miasma that is Israel now with all its abusive criminality and arrogant assaults on international law and human rights. This can only get worse since the Zionists know nothing and aim for nothing but what they have always been about for over 70 years: violence against Palestinians and non-Zionists amidst land grabs and ethnic cleansing.

That possible war may be just the thing that scuttles a new coalition government in Israel and allows Netanyahu to remain as PM for a few days longer, and avoid prosecution and jail on corruption charges. Yes, Hamas launched the tiny rockets in May in response to invasions of al-Aqsa and the ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem, but Hamas is likely spent for now and just trying to clean up the mess the Israelis made on Gaza and bury the dead. This must be a calculation by the Zionists who are proceeding with the same moves that caused Hamas to respond to the Israeli violence at al-Aqsa and in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. 

Hapless and foolish Joe Biden anyway has promised the Zionists a complete restocking of the “Iron Dome” defense array which proved to be like Swiss cheese. One can only imagine how badly the Zionists would fare if there were ever a regional war and Israel also had to deal with real missiles from Iran or from Hizballah in Lebanon in addition to Syrian anti-aircraft rockets, one of which recently went astray and landed within a few miles of Dimona. If such a widespread battle ever materialized one can also imagine other Arab countries might well join the fray on the back of potential popular uprisings in places like Saudi Arabia or Jordan or the UAE, but this latter may just be wishful thinking. Jordan anyway would be well advised to eject the Israelis in Amman now, and so would Sisi in Egypt, but then this is just yet more wishful thinking. And the so-called Abraham Accords could well be dismissed, too. One can only dream of a better world.

But the real achievement, despite the carnage, is the apparent and long sought unification of Palestinians against Apartheid and occupation, and just as importantly, what appears to be a worldwide awakening against the evils of the Zionists, who have been exposed and which no hasbara can eliminate. Americans also are waking up and there have been scattered suggestions that U.S. voters ought to reject those in government who have long caved to AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies for money and political endorsements.

As for Iran, which is anxiously awaiting the revival in some form, preferably original form, of the JCPOA, which Biden has promised to resurrect, there have been inside Iran some fiery explosions of late on industry or infrastructure, which one easily wonders may have been the work of Israeli sabotage trying to incite Iran. The new head of Mossad, one David Barnea, has already threatened new assassinations of Iranians and attacks on infrastructure, and the Netanyahu regime has been warning that it will do anything it can to scuttle the JCPOA. A unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities? But that would likely be the end of the Zionist regime and one can also imagine many of Israel’s absolute worst elements, the settlers in the West Bank who seem to be directing the IDF’s moves in East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the West Bank, to return to New York or wherever they have come from. Again, a bit more of wishful thinking. But the world despises Zionism.

The worldwide shift in perspective on Israel emboldens Israel’s enemies to persevere against the occupations, but so emboldened, the Zionists have no answer but further repression and violence, which shifts the perspective even farther against Israel. This is to say Zionism (unless it is redefined in practice as some benign movement) is doomed, and so may be Israeli Apartheid.

In addition, there are now modest hopes for better relations between various Arab countries and between Arab countries and Iran. Some sort of unity or at least a rapprochement between largely Muslim countries, Shi’a or Sunni, may be in the first innings. This includes between Iran and even Saudi Arabia while the current crackdown on Palestinians, including Palestinian citizens of Israel, is the largest in decades and it is doing no service to Israel. This has only strengthened Palestinian resolve. When will Muslims finally realize their real enemies are not other Muslims, but rather Western countries like the U.S. which for over a century have imposed war, division, imperialism and colonialism on various largely Muslim lands?

As for America, it has been claimed that the general political disarray between Trump supporters in the GOP and the Democrats may be pushing the U.S. into an environment where if voter suppression efforts continue, the U.S. may no longer be able to call itself an honest democracy. The GOP is racist to its core under any lingering fealty to Trump and Trumpism, just as the Zionists are racist.