Everyone who cares about Iran will attend presidential polls, parliament speaker says

June 9, 2021 - 22:10

TEHRAN – Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf on Wednesday called for participation in the June 18 presidential elections, saying turnout in the elections will show “love for the country and concern over the fate of the future generation and children of Iran”.

Highlighting the role of the Iranian nation in changing the future, Qalibaf said, “We believe that people can change any circumstances, no matter how hard it is. The will of the nation can create a social miracle. The will of God, as well, will be in line with that of the nation. Belief in people alongside belief in God is the way out of the problems”.

The parliament speaker also said it is wrong to dishearten Iranian people from participating in the presidential election. 

“Disheartening people [from attending the election] is not wise. The work-background of candidates is more important than their claims and slogans. It matters even more than their plans”, Qalibaf told an open session of the parliament. 

The speaker also said, “The deep belief of Imam Khomeini in peoples’ ability to change the social circumstances and their authority to implement their right to self-determination, founded the glorious evolution of the Iranian people and caused the establishment of the Islamic Republic. Imam Khomeini established the administration with the support of the nation and up until the last days of his exuberant life, the power of nation abled him to overcome all the problems and conspiracies of the foes.”

The top parliamentarian went on to say that it does not make sense to distance people from the Revolution and leadership through a gesture of democracy. 
“It is hypocritical to stand up against religious norms in the name of the people,” he stated. 

Qalibaf said for more four decades Iran has not seen anyone more sincere than Imam Khomeini and the Leader in respect for democracy.  “Even if the atmosphere becomes dark at some point, we will use their behavior as a beacon,” he stated. 

Qalibaf reiterated that today Iran has two important tasks in this direction and feels two heavy responsibilities on its shoulders.  “Be kind to people, and reduce their suffering and stand by them,” he suggested. 

He described "wisdom" as a requirement for a person who wants to take on such a huge responsibility.  “Follow ‘piety’ in candidates' speech and behavior,” he advised the electorate. 

“In the Majlis, we also cooperate with the people and with the people's elected candidate on the same criteria of wisdom, competence, and piety,” the MP emphasized. 

Qalibaf said it is a great sin to discourage people from attending the polling stations, saying that the Islamic Republic should not agree with the enemies on the issue of elections. 

“Certainly, those who participate in the elections also have appropriate criticisms and complaints, but despite these criticisms, they consider the elections as the most important window of ‘managerial breathing’ for the country,” he stated. 

“Inviting each other to participate in the elections is a struggle to elevate dear Iran,” he concluded.