Raeisi: Leader’s will about culture must be implemented

June 15, 2021 - 21:25

TEHRAN — In a meeting with poets, writers and publishers on Monday night, presidential contender Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi said that the cultural points expressed by the Leader of the Revolution are not advice, rather they should be implemented.

He warned if the Leader’s orders in this field are enforced, it will cause disappointment in the society.

“Supporting the people of culture and art should not just be verbal and should lead to action. Both theorists and those who are experts in the university, as well as those who are in the field of work, their opinions should be used, and any opinion is abstract without using the opinions of experts in the field,” he said.

The cleric presidential candidate said it is necessary to support the people of culture and art both legally and financially as well as giving rise to their initiatives and creativity.

Raeisi stressed that Leader of the Islamic Revolution's wills on culture must be implemented by the government.

Noting that culture and art are the hope of the society and that revolutionary art and culture bring hope to the society, he said, “The hope, trust and the livelihood of the people have been undermined and this is the mission of all of us and artists to bring about change in this field.”

Raeisi continued by saying that there are conditions for change, and creating change in the livelihood and business of the people cannot happen by uttering words, and if there is no action, there will be more disappointments.

He said, "Some people think that if a few people make decent money in the field of art, the situation of all artists is good, but some artists have problems in managing their daily lives."

He added that it is difficult for some families to purchase a book and “we have to make books cheaper” and it cannot be cheaper by words. 
Raeisi concluded by emphasizing that the government should guide and support first and then monitor.