Velayati: Resistance path will continue with dignity

August 8, 2021 - 21:49

TEHRAN — Ziyad al-Nakhalah, secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, met with Ali Akbar Velayati, the Leader's adviser on international affairs on Sunday.

Velayati congratulated al-Nakhalah on the victories of the Resistance Front, saying, “The path of resistance and struggle has achieved remarkable and indescribable progress and has been able to achieve many victories for the oppressed nation of Palestine and the region.”

The veteran politician added that he is confident that this path will continue with dignity and honor.

“Those who are the cause of instability and insecurity in the region must leave the region, and with the recent victories, valuable developments will undoubtedly be achieved in favor of the Resistance Front," said Velayati, who was Iran’s foreign minister from 1981 to 1997. 

The chief of the Islamic Jihad Movement said the Islamic Republic has always proven that it stands with Palestine and its ideals.
“With that support, the Islamic Jihad Movement has been able to show its authority more powerfully than before,” Nakhalah elaborated. 

Praising the position of Iran in supporting the aspirations of the Palestinian people, al-Nakhaleh added that the Islamic Jihad movement and the oppressed people of Palestine and Gaza were able to “humiliate” Israel with a “brave war”.

He also noted that the Palestinians stand by the path drawn by martyr General Qassem Soleimani and appreciate it.
Al-Nakhaleh said, “These martyrs and devotees of the Resistance Front are taking a step in the direction that Imam Khomeini drew with three major slogans. ‘The United States is the great devil’, ‘Israel is a cancerous tumor’ and ‘Quds is the axis of the unity of Islam that must be liberated’.”

He underlined that all Palestinians must move forward and adhere to the framework drawn by Imam Khomeini.

“We must continue to do so until victory is achieved,” he concluded. 

The leaders of the Axis of Resistance visited Tehran to attend the inauguration ceremony of Ebrahim Raisi as the new Iranian president. 

In separate meetings with leaders of the Axis of Resistance on Friday and Saturday, Raisi reiterated Iran’s unwavering support for the Resistance Front, lauding their fruitful moves and tactics.

In a meeting with al-Nakhaleh, the Iranian president described the Islamic Jihad as an influential group in defending the rights of the Palestinian people and said, "Today, the power to determine the fate of Palestine is in the hands of the warriors and resistance groups, and this will continue until the final victory is achieved.”

Noting that the final victory belongs to the right front, Raisi stated, "The wrong front is desperate and helpless against the right front in Gaza, despite having armed and material power.”

In the meeting, the Islamic Jihad leader congratulated Raisi on his victory on behalf of the Palestinian people and resistance warriors.

Al-Nakhaleh added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has become a model in the world for the peaceful transfer of power, while we witnessed a chaos in America a few months back.”

He pointed out, "The message of your speech on the day of the inauguration was to support rights, justice and the oppressed, and we will be by the side of Islamic Iran until the liberation of Holy Quds.”