Iran has no problems in borders with Afghanistan, border guard official says

August 29, 2021 - 18:52

TEHRAN - The Deputy Commander of Iranian Police Border Guard Jalal Setareh said on Sunday that Afghan immigrants are treated with respect and dignity and are often returned to their home country.

The top police official said that every day an average of 2,000 Afghan nationals are requesting to enter Iran from the borders. 

Large numbers of Afghans are trying to flee their country fearing a renewed new civil war as the Taliban took over the capital Kabul on August 16. However, Taliban has sought to allay concerns and promised to establish a comprehensive government. 

The Afghan army as well as tribal leaders and groups from different ethnic groups did not resist the Taliban and that was the chief reason that the Taliban took the control of country immediately.

Afghans are asked not to go to the borders and stay in their own country, so that, their problems will be solved." "There are no special problems on the eastern borders. However, a number of oppressed Afghan people go to the eastern borders to enter the Islamic Republic of Iran which they are treated with the utmost respect and dignity," he stated.

The police official said, “We share the pain and suffering of the Afghan people and sympathize with them…. Afghans are asked not to go to the borders and stay in their own country, so that, their problems will be solved."

 The border police official also warned about plots by the United States against Iran in cooperation with its puppets in certain states in the southern shores of the Persian Gulf.

“Given planning new conspiracies by the United States with cooperation of their agents in the Persian Gulf countries, we must be careful of their tricks,” the police official cautioned, according to the Tasnim news agency. 

Setareh who was speaking at a ceremony honoring the former and introducing the new border commander of Bushehr province said maintaining the security of the Persian Gulf region is one of the country’s main priorities. 

To maintain the security of the Persian Gulf, the Coast Guard of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been interacting with the countries of the region for a long time, he underscored.

The deputy commander of Iran's Border Guard Police also said it is necessary to take a decisive approach against the smuggling of goods and narcotics.

"Considering the change of the transit route of narcotics from land to sea, all countries in the region should work in this regard," he suggested.

The top police official stated that Bushehr province has an important position in the country due to resistance and sacrifices that they made during different periods in history, especially countering the British colonialism under the command of Raisali Delvari.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Setareh said that the Police Border Guards welcome any plan to improve the livelihood of the people living in the coastal areas, stating, "In this regard, several plans are being considered by Iran's Police Border Guards Command."

He also emphasized the importance of preserving aquatic resources in the Persian Gulf.

It is necessary to increase aquaculture projects, the police official said, underlining that fishing boats should be organized in order to preserve aquatic resources.