IRGC threatens to target terrorist hiding in northern Iraq

September 6, 2021 - 22:25

TEHRAN — Following recent moves by some terrorist groups in northwestern borders of Iran, the IRGC Ground Force commander has warned that the continuation of such malicious moves is “intolerable”, threatening that they will receive the “appropriate” response.

General Mohammad Pakpour said that despite repeated emphases and announcements to officials of the northern Iraqi Region about the movements of terrorist and armed groups that infiltrate into Iran and carry out anti-security measures, terrorist and counter-revolutionary groups that are affiliated to the imperialist front and foreign intelligence services use the geography of the northern part of Iraq to disrupt security and tranquility of the borders with Iran and harass the people living in these areas.

He stressed that the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region should not allow terrorists to roam and set up headquarters in northern Iraq and threaten and cause insecurity in Iran.

Any “negligence” in this regard will run contrary to “good neighborliness and friendly relations” between the two countries, General Pakpour remarked. 

Pakpour emphasized, “Considering the situation in the region and the possibility of a decisive and regrettable response from the Islamic Republic of Iran to terrorist groups affiliated with the sworn enemies of the Revolution and the Islamic system that have nested in northern Iraq, we ask the residents of these areas to stay away from the terrorists' headquarters so that they will not be harmed.”