Historical gardens undergo restoration in Iranian county

October 16, 2021 - 20:30

TEHRAN – Several historical gardens, which are situated in Tiran-Karvan county of Isfahan province, have undergone restoration projects.

“Traditional mud-brick walls of the gardens, gates, and stone facades are amongst elements being rehabilitated to help preserve and protect this cultural heritage of the region as much as possible,” a local tourism official said on Saturday.

Mohsen Mazaheri added that many Iranian gardeners and farmers care about their lands as cultural heritage. “Fortunately, a culture of protection and preservation of such a unique cultural heritage has been developed among gardeners and farmers in Iran,” he said.  

He also expressed hope that the rich and historical texture of gardens in Tiran-Karvan would be restored in the shortest possible time.

Moreover, Tiran-Karvan is home to enigmatic stone doors that lead to the backyard of many houses. Some of the centuries-old doors bear special engravings such as rose-like patterns. Despite being fairly heavy, they are easily opened and closed.

A selection of nine Iranian gardens, which bear important architectural, traditional, and cultural elements, have been collectively inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list under the title of “The Persian Garden.”

The genuine concept of the Persian Garden that is deeply rooted in time interweaves natural elements with manmade components to embody an idea of creating a paradise on Earth by the means of artistic, philosophical, figurative, and religious notions.

According to UNESCO, the flawless design of the Persian Garden, along with its ability to respond to extreme climatic conditions, is the result of an inspired and intelligent application of different fields of knowledge, i.e. technology, water management and engineering, architecture, botany, and agriculture.

For millennia, Iranian gardens have combined the magic of nature with the aesthetic qualities of art and architecture to create a symbolic representation of paradise on Earth. UNESCO describes the Persian Garden as an idea that combines natural elements with manmade components to materialize the concept of Eden or Paradise on Earth.