Iran launches air defense drill over Bushehr nuclear facility

December 22, 2021 - 0:7

TEHRAN — The Iranian armed forces on Monday carried out an air defense drill in the airspace above the Bushehr nuclear power plant, according to Bushehr Province’s deputy governor for political and security affairs. 

Mohammad Taqi Irani said, “The purpose of this exercise was to prepare and fully coordinate the armed forces,” according to Fars news agency.

Irani then added that the Armed Forces exercises were held in the southern part of the coastal province of Bushehr and the Persian Gulf.

In June, operations at Bushehr were briefly disrupted by what the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said was sabotage involving cyber-attacks.

Located in the southeastern part of Iran along the coast of the Persian Gulf, the Bushehr nuclear facility is a joint Iranian-Russian project. 

The plant's first energy block was built and connected to the national power grid in September 2011.