“Syria will respond to loyalty with loyalty”

Assad advisor: There is no Iranian military unit in Syria

January 19, 2022 - 22:2

TEHRAN — Syrian-Iranian connections are long-standing and historic, advisor to the Syrian president says, rejecting rumors that Iran has deployed military forces in Syria.

Tehran stood on the side of the Syrian government and army during the fight against Syria, Luna al-Shabl said during a Tuesday interview with Arabic language Russia Today.

“The Syrian government is at war, and it is reasonable for it to ask its allies for help,” the advisor said. “The Syrian government has succeeded in addressing the basic necessities of the populace.”

“Syria will decide who can and cannot be on its soil,” she said, adding that Syria would respond to Iran's allegiance.

“Syria will respond to loyalty with loyalty,” she reiterated.

“Our relationship with Iran is not new. It goes back to four decades ago,” she said, adding that relations with Iran are deep-rooted and historic based on mutual respect, common interests, and non-interference. 

Al-Shabl went on to say that these are principles that Syria respects, and basically all countries should respect these principles.

“Let me reassure you that there is no Iranian army or unit or force or military organization on Syrian soil.” 

“On the other hand, Iran has always defended the rights of Syria, Palestine and Arab countries, and so relations with Iran are very old and have been tested in many crises and problems and have never been affected,” she stressed. 

Reiterating that relations with Iran are based on loyalty, the advisor to the Syrian leader said, “It is the Westerners and the Americans who are withdrawing from their allies’ territories one after the other, but the basis of Syrian relations is based on loyalty.” 

Regarding the presence of Iranian military advisors in Syria, al-Shabl said, “Let me reassure you that there is no Iranian army or unit or force or military organization on Syrian soil and that is what it is: The presence of Iranian officers alongside the Syrian army. We are in a state of war now and we need any military assistance, but there is no force, unit, etc., and whatever the media promote. Iran has not asked for troops to be sent.”