Heads of the three branches discuss Raisi visit to Russia

January 23, 2022 - 21:33

TEHRAN – Heads of the three branches of Iran’s government held a meeting on Saturday to discuss domestic and international issues, including a recent visit by President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi to Russia.

The weekly meeting of the heads of the three branches, hosted by President Raisi, discussed the most important domestic and international issues, according to the official website of the Iranian presidency.

The president's two-day visit to Russia and the achievements of the visit in developing relations between Tehran and Moscow, as well as emphasizing the strategic importance of regional and international cooperation between the two countries, especially opposition to unilateralism, were among the topics discussed at the meeting.

The issue of reviewing the 1401 national budget in the special committee of the Majlis (parliament) and the need to pay attention to taxes, goals and orientations of the budget in accordance with the capacities and resources of the country were also discussed.

The next Iranian fiscal year starts on March 21, 2022.

Ayatollah Raisi paid a two-day visit to Russia last week where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

He has expressed hope that his recent visit to Russia would be a turning point in improving relations between Tehran and Moscow.

Upon returning from a two-day visit to Russia, Ayatollah Raisi spoke to reporters about the achievements of the visit, saying, “The topics of discussion in this visit were in line with the realization of the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy, which is maximum interaction with world countries, especially allies.”

Noting that a fundamental agreement was reached during the visit to expand comprehensive, stable and beneficial relations between the two countries, the president added, “Undoubtedly, the development of relations with Russia will contribute to the security and welfare of the two nations.”

He said, “I hope that the visit to Russia will be a turning point in improving relations with the friendly and neighboring country of Russia, and that the combination of these relations will help improve the level of security in the region and resolve regional and global crises.”

In a speech delivered before the Russian State Duma, Ayatollah Raisi said Iran seeks "maximum interaction" with all countries around the world with the aim of forming a "civilized global community".

“The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks ‘maximum interaction’ with all countries around the world, especially its neighbors and allies. The purpose and basis of this cooperation and interaction is the mutual interests of nations and the increasing formation of a ‘civilized global community’. This path can be achieved through the cooperation of independent countries with high cultures and attention to the principles of ‘justice, morality and spirituality’. Undoubtedly, the root of what human society suffers from today is the separation of politics from morality and spirituality. Violence, terrorism, the collapse of the family institution, and the spread of drugs do not come from a spiritualist mind-set. Any structure created on the basis of this segregation intensifies the suffering of humanity and, instead of promoting justice, structures oppression and creates the roots causes of domination,” he stated.