Foreign Ministry: Agreement can be reached if Washington makes political decision

February 7, 2022 - 21:46

TEHRAN — The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday that the Islamic Republic correctly insists on obtaining assurances from the United States to honor its commitments in the future once the 2015 nuclear deal is restored.

“Iran and the P4+1 rightly insist that the United States must provide the necessary guarantees to fulfill its obligations in the future. We cannot have the United States once again mock the international community by not fulfilling its obligations and use the mechanisms inside the JCPOA to the detriment of the JCPOA, and the companies that want to cooperate and trade with Iran be threatened by the United States,” Saeed Khatibzadeh told his weekly press briefing.

However, he added, significant progress has been in various areas in the Vienna negotiations. 

The top negotiators who had returned home for consultations with capitals will return to Vienna to resume the talks on Tuesday. While lead negotiators had visited capitals, expert talks were continuing.  

On whether the eighth round of talks will be the final one, he said, “In the field of guarantees, ideas have been put forward. The framework of the agreement and the textual perspective of the agreement are clear. Answers to the questions raised in Vienna will clarify when we will reach an agreement.” 

He noted that if the other side says that this is the last round of talks, it is clear that they must return to Vienna with the “right answers” to fulfill their obligations.

Khatibzadeh emphasized, “If the other parties, especially the Americans, who are in Vienna, announce tomorrow (Tuesday)that they will provide the necessary guarantees and fulfill their obligations, the agreement will be available the next day. But if such statements are for media games in public, Iran will not think about these fake deadlines.”

In this regard, the diplomat stressed that the time to reach an agreement is determined by the U.S. response to the questions raised and fulfillment of its commitments, as well as the speed of the European trio that they must act quickly.

Regarding the recent restoration of sanction waivers, the spokesman said these are the waivers that the Trump administration had canceled in continuation of its anti-JCPOA measures and violation of its obligations. 

“These waivers are related to nuclear commitments, and what has been done today has been a very small part of the U.S. responsibilities,” he added.

He also noted that Tehran’s serious focus is on the economic benefit of the JCPOA for the Iranian people.

So far, he said, no action has been taken in the area of sanctions removal. 

“… what is worthwhile is for the United States to return to Vienna with a clear agenda and necessary decisions,” the spokesman asserted.

He added that Iran and other JCPOA parties made their tough decisions by remaining in the deal and allowed the agreement to “survive.”

“Today, the United States should come to Vienna with a clear agenda and political decisions to remove the sanctions and fulfill its obligations, instead of creating propaganda,” Khatibzadeh outlined. 

The spokesman added that the Iranian negotiating team has gone to Vienna from the first day with all its necessary authority and competence, and Iran hopes that the decisions will be taken by the other side.

He continued, “It is natural that Iran expects the necessary decisions have been taken by the other parties, especially Washington, on the issue of lifting sanctions and Iran's benefits from the JCPOA.”

Khatibzadeh added that Iran expects the delegations, including the Americans, to return to Vienna with clear instructions to fulfill their obligations in line with the 2015 nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions. 

“There are significant issues on the agenda that are unlikely to be resolved except with Washington's political decisions,” he concluded.