Expert: Foreign intelligence services seek to create rift between Iran, Afghanistan

April 17, 2022 - 22:5

TEHRAN — An international affairs expert is of the opinion that there are regional and extra-regional intelligence services behind the theory of creating divisions between the two nations of Iran and Afghanistan.

Explaining the events in Afghanistan, Mojtaba Norouzi, told the Mehr news agency on Sunday that undoubtedly this is an externally guided project.

“In fact, by withdrawing from Afghanistan, the United States seeks to develop insecurity and impose security costs on three rival countries, which in fact are its enemies around Afghanistan, namely Iran, China and Russia,” he commented. 

The expert added that naturally the type of dealing and interaction with each of these countries and creating security costs for them are different projects that may not be directly related to each other.

“The strength of the Islamic Republic of Iran's presence in Afghanistan is cultural and people-to-people relations based on deep historical roots, which have been strengthened over the last 40 years following the Islamic Republic of Iran's extensive hosting of Afghan refugees, and has found a new depth,” Norouzi emphasized. 

He added that the enemies relied on this strength to strike and impose costs, and an attempt was made to create a media hype and a negative and inflamed atmosphere between the two nations, which, of course, was mostly controlled by the serious involvement of cultural figures. 

“In the past, we have witnessed movements and mercenaries leading directly from the U.S. embassy in Kabul to create a media atmosphere against the Islamic Republic of Iran in Afghanistan,” he remarked.

The expert cited the Doha agreement as an example, saying, “For example, when the Doha agreement was being signed and the fate of Afghanistan between the United States and Iran was somehow being decided, you witnessed the events in Harirod, which was a very suspicious issue and a media hype was created to intensify it.”

He then continued by saying that for a month, the headlines in the media were about the events of Harirod, and all the attentions were turned to it so that the United States could sign the necessary agreements between itself and the Taliban in tranquility.

Norouzi said, “These movements also maintained their relations with the United States. Also, some of these movements had suspicious connections with some Eastern European countries, specifically Albania.”