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Terms and conditions of car rental in Iran

April 20, 2022 - 17:19

As the hike in car prices continues to shock everyone, renting cars are thriving in the market as one of the most remunerative businesses; moreover, it is widely predicted that as transportation continues to evolve, the most widely used means of transport would be renting cars. However, terms and conditions of car rental in Iran have a set of specific requirements, mandated by the car rental companies in accordance with their article of association. 

You can check out Cafeerent’s webpage regarding the specific requirements, terms, and conditions for renting cars for further information. Cafeerent Company has tried to mandate the rules and regulations of renting cars in conformity with international standards. In this article, we are going to explain all rules and required documents which you need for car renting in Iran.

Chauffeur-Driven Car Rentals in Iran

There is no need to present a document when you are renting a car with driver service, so all responsibility is claimed by the driver of the company. If the desired route of transportation is within the boundaries of the selected city, the cost is estimated at hourly rates; however, in case the rented vehicle travels outside of the city, the cost is estimated based on the total number of kilometers the rented vehicle has traveled.

Self-Driven Car Rental in Iran

Terms and conditions of car rental in Iran

In the case of renting a self-driven car, all the responsibility falls on the shoulder of the renter/hirer, and he or she is liable for the rented vehicle. It is also noteworthy to mention that the self-driven cars and vehicles have limited mileage that if trespassed, the renter will have to pay extra mileage charges calculated per kilometer rate. Renting self-drive cars has some specific terms and conditions which are presented as a bullet list below.

•             Age Limits: The renter/driver should be at least 20 years old.

•             Driver’s License: All drivers must have held their license for at least six months before the start of the rental.

•             Identity document: all drivers must present a valid national identity card.

•             Employment documents: an employee card or an employment certification and residence document are required.

•             Guarantor letter: a check or a bill of exchange with the maturity value of the rented vehicle’s price needs to be presented.

•             Security Deposit: a security deposit needs to be presented for the supplier to hold on to until the customer returns the rental car.

Wedding Car Rental Terms and Conditions

One of the most popular and well-received trends in car rental market is renting wedding cars which are offered with a range of packages as self-drive cars or as cars with drivers or chauffeurs. Each of them has their respective terms and conditions, but in general, the rent period is fifteen hours, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and in case the renter goes beyond the time limit, he or she will have to pay extra charges which is calculated depending on the car or vehicle’s type. There are some restrictions imposed on where the wedding cars can be driven which is usually within the boundaries of the city the car has been rented; however, in case the rented vehicle is driven outside the boundaries of the departure city, the renter has to pay a departure charge depending on the vehicle’s type. For reference, if the wedding car is rented in Tehran- but it is driven in other cities such as Ahmad Abad, Kordan, Shahriyar, Garmdare, etc, throughout the day, an extra departure will be charged.

Renting a Wedding Car with a chauffeur

When the desired service is a wedding car with a chauffeur, all the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the chauffeur who is the representative of the company, and there is no need for the bridegroom to provide a guarantor letter.

Renting a Self-drive Wedding Car

If the desired service is a self-drive wedding car, the bridegroom would have to present a cheque with the maturity value of the respective rented vehicle and his identity card in order to pick up the rented vehicle. However, the rental agency’s representative will wait in another car so as to collect the vehicle and return the guarantee cheque at the end of the ceremony.

Terms and Conditions for Tourists and Iranian Expatriates

Many people who travel to Iran would like to rent a car, self-drive, or with a driver. As it was mentioned before, when the hirer chooses a rental car with an authorized driver, there is no need for any specific documents to be presented by the hirer.

One must also take into consideration that since there are potent amenities in Iran which allure the tourist and travelers to visit each and every beautiful city of it, hiring a car rental in Iran would provide much convenience for these tourists and travelers who visit Iran.

We suggest you Cafeerent which is one of the most reputable car rental companies providing outstanding services to customers who assuredly ask for rental cars. So, if you're planning to rent a car in Iran from Cafeerent, you can check out the company's official website in order to determine the model and type of the car you want, the number of passengers, the specified period of rental (days or hours), and the delivery process.

Renting Self-drive Cars for Foreign Citizens

•             Age: The hirer has to be well over 20 years old.

•             Driver’s License: an international driving permit has to be presented.

•             Guarantor Letter: Presenting the original, valid passport.

•             Security Deposit: In the same manner with car rental policies, terms and conditions in other countries, a determined sum of money, whose amount depends on the type of the rental car, would be asked by the rental company as a warranty for any unexpected damages. The deposit would be returned after the hirer or customer returns the rental car.

Rental Fee Rules

Terms and conditions of car rental in Iran


If the hirer rents a car with an authorized driver, the driver is both liable and responsible; however, in the case of a self-drive car rental, if the car suffers damage, the hirer shall pay for repair costs.

Automobile parts

If during the renting process, the car suffers technical problems, or there is a car part shortage, then the company shall cover all the expenses in case the hirer is not the cause of this technical problem.

Toll & Traffic Violations

All the traffic violations during the rental period are up to the customer.

Congestion Charge

If the rental car or vehicle is driven in the congestion zone, then they are not exempt from congestion charge, and it is the hirer's responsibility to pay the charge.

Fuel Cost

When the hirer asks for a rental with an authorized driver, it is the driver who has to cover the fuel expenses; in contrast, in case the hirer rents a self-drive car, he or she either has to refuel the rented vehicle to the same fuel level he or she received the vehicle, or the hirer shall pay an equalization charge in accordance with the pump price.